Smooth Affair ® For Oily Skin Facial Primer & Brightener

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Natural Makeup Primer

Revolutionary PoreAway™ technology

One item for pores control, oil control, moisturizing, and firming. It can also be used as a face cream to evenly hide pores and fine lines in the skin tone, thereby obtaining a smooth and matte makeup, especially for oily skin.


‧ Camellia Tea extract | protect and repair skin
‧ Radish Root Extract | astringent | reduce enlarged pores
‧ Pistacia Chinensis | has antibacterial properties | tightens expanded pores and reduces oil secretion
‧ Apple Extract | good moisturizing and smoothing properties | malic acid | skin brightening and antibacterial properties
‧ Sunflower Seed Oil | contains Vitamin E | soothing and moisturizing
‧ All ingredients are vegan and wheat-free

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