D2O™ Hydration Spray

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Natural Moisturizing Spray

With an upgraded and improved formula and ECOCERT certified natural and organic ingredients, this moisturizing spray gives you all-weather moisturizing, anti-oxidant and oil control effects. Spraying after makeup, the pores and fine lines will be modified instantly. No matter if you are in a dry office, on an airplane or outdoors in the hot summer, spray helps wake up your sleeping skin and keeps your skin in its best condition.


‧ Water made of heavy hydrogen | 10% heavier than normal water
‧ Less likely to evaporate | stay on the skin for a longer time
‧ Higher viscosity | longer moisturizing effect than ordinary water
‧ Reduce the activity of certain bacteria | inhibit the activity of some acne bacteria | ideal moisturizer for oily acne skin


‧ Contains Ylang Ylang extract | moisturizing and plumping skin cells | calming and protecting the skin
‧ Recommended by Dermatologist | can be used after laser‧ Use wet brush to turn eyeshadow powder into eyeliner

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