Skin Accumax™ (3 months)

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Skin Accumax™​

Skin Accumax™ is a nutritional supplement for people who care about skin problems. It contains a patented ingredient-DIM (phytonutrients) combined with special vitamins that maintain skin health. With vitamins A, C, E, it can improve skin from the inside to the outside., effectively relieving acne problems, therefore, it is especially suitable for acne or inflamed skin types to reduce acne caused by stress, hormonal imbalance, bad eating habits, bacterial infections or blocked pores, and prevent skin inflammation.​


‧ Vitamin A | Improve immune function​
‧ Vitamin C | Helps the formation of collagen | Makes the skin firm and elastic | And promotes wound healing​
‧ Vitamin E | Antioxidant | Protect cells from free radical damage​
‧ DIM Diindolylmeth | Patented compound formula | Enhance absorption and help promote metabolic enzyme activity​


‧ During pregnant women, family pregnant planning or breastfeeding|Do not use this product​
‧ It is normal for urine to change colour after using this product​
‧ This product is not a substitute for regular meals|Please keep a balanced diet​
‧ Do not consume more than the recommended amount​
‧ If you are receiving medication|Please consult your doctor before taking this product​
‧ Please keep out of reach of children​
‧ Please store at 25°C or below in a cool and dry place

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