Active Light ® Under-Eye Concealer

Active Light Color: No.2 - 深黃色
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Concealer Repair Pen

The pen-shaped brush head is easy to use and has a smooth texture. It can produce a soft focusing effect, instantly covering dark circles caused by fatigue, with a revolutionary formula. It will not cause creases or wrinkles in the eye area but repair the delicate skin of the eye area.


‧ Under-eye concealer or brightening pen | soft focus effect | medium concealer
‧Cucumber and white tea extracts | calms tired eyes | reduces puffiness
‧ Crambe Maritima Leaf Extract | reduce dark circles | reduce puffiness
‧ Avocado and sunflower oil | gentle nourishment for delicate eye area
‧ Full coverage with a small amount
‧ Suitable for any area that needs to be brightened
‧ Sweep head design | easily modify the nose and eye recesses
Active Light also added natural buckwheat ingredients to reduce the effect of fine lines. In the 28th test results, 80% of people found that using a formula containing 1% buckwheat every morning and evening effectively reduced 10% of fine lines around the eyes.


‧ No. 2 | Yellow | neutralize redness
‧ No. 3 and No. 4 | Pink | neutralize blue, purple and gray
‧ No. 5 | Deep Golden Yellow | neutralizes redness in dark skin
‧ No. 6 | Orange Brown | Brown and black to neutralize dark skin tones

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