Triple Luxe™ Long Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick

Triple Luxe: Ella-深玫瑰棕色
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Long Lasting Moisturizing Vegan Lipstick

The breakthrough color formula is adopted to achieve triple effect: long-lasting, natural and moisturizing. Fashionable and gorgeous saturated colors, combined with a variety of fruit and plant nutrition, this lipstick presents a silky, delicate, velvety haze effect, exuding an unparalleled femininity, and showing unimaginable beauty.


‧Moringa Oil|provides antioxidant|nourishes Lip Skin
‧Tahitian Vanilla and Blackberry | sweetness
‧Brassica extract|reduce lip lines
‧Plant Wax and Vegetable Oil formula | moisturize lips | protect and soften

Rose gold shell with exquisite magnet cover design | gorgeous feeling
*All ingredients are vegan and do not contain wheat

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