Skin Blue Filter (60 caps)

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Our new blue light supplement that shields skin from the impact of blue light by 60%*

Blue light is more harmful to the skin than ultraviolet light!

 In addition to damaging the eyes, blue light has been pointed out by medical research to cause structural damage to the skin. Known as "high-energy visible light," blue light is the high-energy, high-frequency component of the natural spectrum -- wavelengths between 400 and 500 nanometers. The effects of blue light are more pronounced than UVA and UVB rays, blue light makes up 30% of the sun's rays compared to just 5% of the sun's rays, and it penetrates deeper into the dermis of the skin to cause damage.
If exposed to blue light for a long time, blue light will penetrate into the dermis and subcutaneous tissue of the skin, causing oxidative damage to cell DNA, destroying collagen and elastin, causing fine lines, deep wrinkles and sagging, and oxidative aging of the skin. Lack of blue light protection can also lead to darkening of the skin, leading to melanosis for up to 3 months, causing melasma, and blue light-induced skin pigmentation lasts longer than UV-induced pigmentation.

There are also studies that it will destroy the lipid layer between the stratum corneum skin cells, damage the skin barrier function. This explains that many people are prone to skin redness and even sensitivity after sun exposure. Darker skin types are more likely to tan after blue light exposure, and people with fairer skin are more prone to post-sun redness than darker skin types.

Advanced Nutrition Program's revolutionary "Skin Blue filter" is clinically proven to filter blue light and protect the skin. It can block the formation of melanin pathways, improve uneven skin tone, enhance skin brightness and increase skin elasticity. It also prevents fine lines, wrinkles and strengthens the skin barrier. Compared with ordinary whitening pills, the "skin blue filter" will not cause a load on the kidneys.

synergistic ingredients: 

 Lutein + Zeaxanthin|The best anti-oxidant synergy, naturally present in the skin, anti-melanin production, fades pigmentation, removes yellow and white 
 Vitamin E | Protects DNA, cell membranes, and protects all our skin cells, including the lipid layer of the skin. It also directly repairs the skin surface of the corneal layer, the first line of defense against blue light free radicals 

Olive Extract|Protects collagen elasticity from UV damage, reduces uneven skin tone, pigmentation and redness. Research shows it protects collagen and elastin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles Biotin 

(Vitamin B7) | Anti-inflammatory, maintains normal skin health Blue capsule color from spirulina extract|vegetarian capsules

Clinical (2 months) :

Suitable for : 

 • People who are concerned about spots, dark yellow skin, and wrinkles 

 • "Photosensitive" people whose skin is red and sensitive after sun exposure 

 • People with acne, eczema, sensitive and other inflamed skin 

 • People who often do outdoor activities 

 • People who often use electronic devices

 • Suitable for all skin types

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